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DJ-WebP update - new compression mechanism and a bug fix.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Blog

In the last weeks, we were working on the biggest issue in the DJ-WebP with generated web images that have a bigger size than the original. We have fixed it, and now we are finally ready to release a long-awaited 0.7 Beta version.

New compression mechanism

In version 0.7 Beta, we have implemented an advanced PHP WebConverter library from GitHub.

In plugin configuration, there is now a possibility to select which mechanism should be used by DJ-WebP. We have 2 Compression mode option, the first option is named “System” is the default DJ-WebP compression mode which is using in previous versions. The second option is “Library,” and it using a custom PHP mechanism to compression.

If we select Library mode, then the plugin will discover a new field named “Compression method.” The compression method specifies which custom function will be used to compression.

The default Compression method used by Library is GD because of the newest server should have it enabled.

default compression method

Please watch out during selecting the Compression Method because not all methods can be enabled on your server. If you choose a method that is not supported by your server, then the plugin will throw exception error.

djwebp compression modes2

Problem with detecting WebP support on the server solved

The other issue which users are often reporting in support tickets is a problem with detecting .webp support on the server.

We have fixed conditions that checking Firefox, Chrome, and Opera and implement Internet Explorer detection.

Next release plans

In the next release, we will be focused on solve problem with images which has a problem with converting because of his names. At this moment we know that the problem is with:

  • UTF-8 characters like Cyrillic
  • Spaces in names

The second problem is the user cannot delete .webp images that are not linked on site. For example, if you generate example.webp from example.jpg and then you remove example.jpg then the system will not delete .webp.

We are planning something like images map that allows the user to easily manage all currently generated WebP images.

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