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DJ-Catalog2 Update - add videos to products

| Andrzej Herzberg | Blog

The latest version of DJ-Catalog2 brings videos to product galleries. Along with this release you will also find some improvements and bug fixes.

Add Videos to Product Gallery

Version 3.8.0 of our e-commerce and directory extension empowers you to add videos to your product pages. You can upload or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, local or external server in .mp4 format. You can include multiple videos in your product gallery.

With the new video feature, you can add videos to DJ-Catalog2 product gallery along with your images. Customize the thumbnail for each product gallery video to convey a message before users click to play a video.


  • Attach videos on any product page
  • Add multiple videos in the product gallery
  • Play videos in a popup
  • Upload or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo or any server in .mp4 format
  • Use self-hosted videos
  • Add custom thumbnails for videos

How to add videos to products

There are now three ways of adding the video to the DJ-Catalog2 product. Each product in the backend has the "video" tab where you can choose between:

  • uploading videos (.mp4 format)
  • providing the video's URL (YouTube, Vimeo or any link from external server with .mp4 file)
  • select a self-hosted video from a server.

You can add a custom thumbnail to each product gallery. See the example below:

Video product

Bug fixes and improvements

Along with the new feature, we've also implemented some bug changes. Here they are:

  • Fixed problems with Combinations generator
  • Fixed problems with generating Proforma invoices and WayBills
  • Minor improvements in Slider layout in Items module

InPost delivery plugin update

Along with the DJ-Catalog2 extension update, we've published an improved version of the InPost delivery plugin. It brings one fixed bug - learn more from the changelog.

For users interested in using the InPost delivery method, we have created an extensive tutorial where we describe step by step how to use this plugin.

Shipment plugins are not included in the DJ-Catalog2 AIO package and need to be downloaded separately from the download section. They are available for active DJ-Catalog2 subscribers.

Shall you have any suggestions about the further development of product videos feature or other features for DJ-Catalog2 - post your ideas on the DJ-Catalog2 community forum.

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More about this update

Don't forget to update your DJ-Catalog2 extension. The update is available via the updater and you can also download the package directly from the download section.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: Add videos to the product in DJ-Catalog 3.8.0

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