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How we work?

Joomla Monster has over the last four years created hundreds of template designs to suit each customer needs from medical templates, fashion and beauty templates, family and parenthood template, games and entertainment templates, school templates, event templates, online store Joomla websites that include a VirtueMart store etc.

Joomla Monster is dedicated to creating Joomla templates that are user friendly, adaptable and SEO friendly.  This dedication has resulted in a nomination for our sister company Design Joomla in 2012 for the J.O.S.C.A.R. - Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards in the category Corporate Web Sites.

Joomla Monster design team continually researches companies from across the world to determine trends in various industries to enable us to be better able to provide a professional and fresh approach to our customer.  This customer centric approach is what we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

Joomla Monster’s Design Approach

Joomla Monster ethos is to be innovative, professional and provide a fresh design approach when developing our templates.

Our design process starts with selecting the appropriate template name and the industry it will serve.  We take into account industry design norms and trends when undertaking the selection, such as blue being more appropriate for the financial sector etc. Functionality requirements appropriate to the particular industry the template is being designed for is discussed at this stage.  This can include an image rich template for an online store or event templates.

The design preparation is the next step and involves our graphic department designing the professional Joomla templates.  This step is one of the most extensive in our template production process.  The graphic designers aim is to create templates with graphics and images that are unique in comparison to our competitors to ensure our customers receive a template that best matches their needs and requirements.

The next step is the coding of the template graphics, images and functionality.


Coding of Professional Joomla Templates

Joomla Monster uses current standards in coding when developing professional Joomla templates for our customers.   Joomla Monster is committed to wherever possible, using CSS3 styles so as to ensure the site is not overloaded with unnecessary background images or animation which hinder opening speeds and SEO.  Our goal is ensure our customers receive a site that is flexible and that will grow with them as their business grows and develops.  That includes taking into account new technology when developing the best Joomla templates.   This reflects in creating responsive templates, which means they adjust to smaller screens to fit mobile phones and tablets.


Joomla Monsters commitment to high standards of excellence ensures that we test all our Joomla Templates using a through and rigorous testing standard to ensure the code is clear and well commented to ensure that advanced users will easily be able to modify the template code, if required.


Extension Development

As a result of Joomla Monsters extensive experience and hands-on approach we have developed a number of innovations to ensure that our customers receive a unique solution.  This includes the development of a number of Joomla extensions that we use to the benefit of Joomla Monsters designed templates, including demo sites.

Joomla Monster uses the appropriate extensions that are most suited to the theme and functionality requirements for each professional Joomla template.  Joomla Monster does not charge an extra fee for these extensions, if we incorporate their functionality into the design template.

The extensions are created by our sister company DJ-Extensions and have been developed to ensure that they are user friendly for both users and administrators.
For example:

  • DJ-Catalog2 - a great solution for your product presentation
  • DJ-Classifieds - a classifieds component with many useful functionality such like custom fields, advanced search, google map or paid classifieds
  • DJ-ImageSlider - a slider gallery with various views

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If you’ve struggled to find a component that will meet your expectations and have realised that a custom component will be required, Design Joomla through Joomla Monster can be of assistance.  Design Joomla has an experienced team of programmers that can produce any type of extension to any specification.  Joomla Monster can also be of assistance in the implementation and integration into your template.

Pixelemu - the sister company with Wordpress themes

Many customers are asking us for WordPress version of our Joomla templates. The same team works on best quality of WordPress themes. Since we are used to create flexible Joomla templates, the same flexibility you will discover with WP themes. The collection of WordPress themes is still expanding. For now you will find themes for cooking blog, small company, accessible site for people with disabilities, beauty, doctor and clinic, architect company, hotel, car mechanic, school and many more.

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Demonstration Templates

What makes Joomla Monster different is that we create a demonstration but professional Joomla template of your website.  This allows you to see what your site will look like and to make the necessary refinements to ensure the professional Joomla template is exactly what you envisaged to represent your company.  Joomla Monster provides the whole template in a demonstration copy, using Quickstart to let you replace examples with your own content.   Quickstart is a great first step to get your professional Joomla template up and running.   It is easy to use for beginners, as each extension does not require configuration from scratch when using Quickstart.  


Joomla Monsters goal is develop the best Joomla templates to meet our customers’ needs.  This is achieved by developing appropriate graphics, logo’s and template designs that create a website that has an impact and generates the goals they desire from a professional website.  We are dedicated to provide a professional service with a quick turnaround that solves our customers problems efficiently and cost effectively.

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