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Joomla tutorials for beginners

How to update Joomla?

The updates golden rules

  1. Always doing backup - Backup is additional protection against unsuccessful updates. In case of failure, you will easily restore the page status before updating.
  2. Never work on the live website - Before you update your live website - check how it was updated on your backup.
  3. Updates from latest version - Try to keep up with the latest versions. This is always an extra guarantee that everything will go as planned.

Read how to make a Joomla website backup

Update Joomla from notification info

As soon as you are logged into back-end, you should see a notice that a new Joomla version is available for update. All you need to do is click on the "Update Now".

Update Joomla from notification info

If you don’t have a notice on Control Panel, you can go to Components > Joomla Update. You will discover here two ways of updating Joomla:

  1. Download the latest version from the server (1)
  2. Upload the latest Joomla package. (2)

With the second method, you need upload Joomla package and press button “ Upload & Install “.


In the first method, you must click the button “ Install the update”.


As soon as the upgrade is completed, you will see a screen with notice.


Manual Joomla update

  1. Download Joomla package from
  2. Extract the download package on your computer
  3. Via FTP client ( for example Filezilla ) upload files with "replace" option
  4. Go to your Joomla back-end and fix database (Extensions > Manage > database)

manual joomla update

Go to System > Clear Cache and press button “ Delete”.

Where can I find the Joomla cache?

Your Joomla is up to date!