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Joomla tutorials for beginners

Where can I find the Joomla cache?

What is a Joomla cache?

Joomla cache "remember" all or a part of a website and this way it doesn't have to be pulled from the database. Part of the site is downloaded on your first visit to the website and this way the next visits will be faster. Avoiding the need to connect to your website database, a website can respond more quickly to a visitor.

Speed up your website! Must read article! Practical tutorial not only for Joomla users.

How to delete Joomla cache?

Sometimes, if you want to make changes on your website, you need to delete the storage cache. In the Joomla! you can empty it using the admin panel.

To do this, you need to login to your back-end Joomla and go to System > Clear Cache

how to delete joomla cache

Next, you need to empty your cache - press button Delete All or select items you want to clear.

clear all joomla cache

Now, you can refresh your browser window check results.

Did nothing change on your website after clearing Joomla cache?

If you still don’t see the changes, you should make sure that your browser also doesn’t save the cache. If you want clear browser cache, most often - just press ctrl + f5 on your keyboard.