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DJ-CookieMonster update brings a new theme.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

If you need to introduce your users with a longer description and be sure that they'll read it, we have prepared a new style for DJ-CookieMonster - Style 9.

We have made changes to themes, and now each theme (including the new one) has its style settings!

New theme (Style 9)

dj cookiemonster theme 9

It's the 9th theme for DJ-CookieMonster. The new style opens up new possibilities. Besides the standard settings, available for all themes (plugin settings, close button, policy link), you can use the new tab: Style specific settings.

Thanks to this, you can achieve an exciting effect by using options such as content background, content text color, blur, or button customization options.

See what possibilities "Style specific settings" for Theme 9 offers:

dj cookiemonster theme settings

Apart from adding a new theme (style 9), we also made a significant change for all themes. Some of them have identical settings, and some don't. Therefore, when selecting a theme, you will only see the "Style specific settings" it uses, and the fields unavailable for the specific theme are hidden.

Here is the example for Style 1:

Example style djcookiemonster

Reordered fields in the plugin settings

The latest update introduces a lot of changes in terms of plugin settings. We decided to reorganize their appearance. Everything is now more transparent and divided into four tabs:

  • Plugin
  • Close button
  • Policy link
  • Style specific settings

plugin settings djcookiemonster 18

We have launched a new documentation article, where you can learn more about the available DJ-CookieMonster plugin settings.

What is DJ-CookieMonster

Joomla plugin that lets you display cookie warnings on your website and make it compliant with EU law.

DJ-CookieMonster offers 9 different styles and a rich set of customization options.

There is also a possibility to display a Joomla module in the message box for more flexibility.

Learn more about DJ-CookieMonster possibilities

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: New theme for DJ-CookieMonster in the latest 1.8 update

Active subscribers of the Joomla-Monster template, which uses DJ-CookieMonster can download the latest version of the plugin.

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