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MyFatoorah payment plugin for DJ-Classifieds.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We've released the new payment plugin for DJ-Classifieds: MyFatoorah. That is a 26th free payment plugin working with the Joomla classified ads component.

What is MyFatoorah

MyFatoorah is one of the leading mobile payment systems in Kuwait, allowing online businesses to integrate online payment gateways that work great on websites and mobile devices too. Myfatoorah started in 2014 with the aim to serve customers, since then they have achieved so much and much more to come.

MyFatoorah payment plugin

The plugin needs to be installed and enabled - after that, it will be visible on the payment page.

To make the payment using MyFatoorah the user needs to use the "Buy now" button. 

myfatoorah payment plugin djcf

If you’re an active subscriber for any Joomla template with DJ-Classifieds the payment plugin is available in the download section.

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