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DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.8.2 brings better performance, upgraded control panel and 47 new features

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The latest version of DJ-Classifieds, the Joomla classified ads extension, brings an impressive number of 47 new features and 101 bug fixes.

What's new in this update:

Improved performance

DJ-Classifieds also brings much better performance. The component and modules have been optimized to handle between 500.000-800.000 adverts. The improved performance also works for loading listings and adverts. DJ-Classifieds extension is now faster than ever.

Control panel updates notifications

In the control panel, you'll find notifications about plugins and modules' latest versions. It's a useful solution to keep you updated.

DJ-Classifieds control panel update information

Show title option for Field groups

The fields group name is displayed before each custom field (unless another field comes from the same group). The admin has to take care of proper field ordering (so that fields from the same group are next).

field group show title djcf382 front djcf382

That new feature works for category/contact/profile fields, advert details, and user profile views.

The new "Show title" button was implemented in the Field group edit view.

field group show title djcf382 djcf382

How do the Field Groups work?

Master e-mail template

We've implemented the Master email template for email notifications. 

This allows you to modify the email notifications to create a consistent layout. Then all you have to do is update one template whose email notification content will fit together perfectly.

DJ-Classifieds master email template

Image assets theme override support

DJ-Classifieds admins can copy different images when using themes. The used, overwritten images will be a part of the DJ-Classifieds theme.

Previously, each update of DJ Classifieds required the images to be re-uploaded, but now you do not have to do this again.

New field parameter: 'Empty value text.'

We have implemented a new "Empty value text" parameter for the additional field. You can now edit the field content and replace the empty value with your own content.

There is a separate parameter for adding/editing an advertisement, and for the search module (select list, radio, checkbox) - you can also use language constants.

empty value text2 djcf382 djcf382

empty value text djcf382 backend djcf382

Custom fields batch processing

Custom fields view in the backend now has a "Batch" processing button. On the custom fields level in the component's backend, you can select particular fields and process them in batch.

To do so, click the checkboxes next to the fields you want to update, and click the "Batch" button.

Batch processing fields

In the popup, you can choose the changes applied to the selected fields:

the possible actions are:

  • Assign to the field group
  • Show in table view
  • Show in blog view
  • Show in module

batch processing fields djcf382 djcf382

Once you're done with the settings, click the "Process" button to apply the changes to all the selected items.

How the batch processing works

'Load with Ajax' option for Items module  

DJ-Classifieds Items Module has the new parameter "Load with Ajax." Loading of the module often slowed down. Now items for this module load smoothly. 

Items module load with Ajax

Learn more about the Items Module

Assign to the group after expiration - Subscription Plans

After purchasing a plan in Subscription Plans App, the user is automatically assigned to a user group.

After a previously purchased subscription plan expires, we have added an option to assign a user to a selected group (Joomla user group). The administrator can now choose the group to where the user will be assigned.

sub plans assign to groups djcf382 djcf382

Learn more about the Subscription Plans App

Custom redirections after payment return

DJ-Classifieds global options now include new parameters for choosing to be redirected after returning from payment on the site.

You can define where the user will be redirected immediately after making a payment.

Additionally, in the component, the payment status changes to "Pending/Cancelled" on Ok/Cancel return.

payment return djcf382 djcf382

Unpublishing subcategories if the parent category is also unpublished

A handy feature for DJ-Classifieds administrators. If any DJ Classifieds categories are unpublished in the site's backend, the subcategories are automatically unpublished along with them. Previously it did not work this way and sometimes occurred issues.

Backend and code changes

The fields in the backend and the component's code have been reorganized to be fit into the new Joomla version. It's the next step in preparing DJ-Classifieds for full compatibility with Joomla 4.

New Quickstart and Demo site

We have released the new demo page you can check here: DJ-Classifieds Demo Portal 2021

The new Quickstart is built on this demo and is a great starting point for new classified ads portals! 

Available Quickstarts (you get access to all of them)

How to get Quickstarts?

Quickstarts come in these plans:

If you're an active subscriber of DJ-Classifieds (any plan) and want to get access to the Quickstarts, contact us so we can arrange that (cost is $50).

More features

  • 'show label' field's search option
  • site pages email template tags
  • email tags for custom fields
  • 'Payment Completed' email copy to admin option
  • new field's param: link 'Scheme.' 
  • Plans option to hide chosen params on front
  • Profiles menu item 'Profiles per page' new param
  • search module 'Location ordering' param 
  • items module: 'follow search' new param
  • field's 'show value on click' on lists support
  • 'manage adverts' link in profile smart table

Additionally, we have added many more minor features and fixes.

Check the full list of changes for DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2

Along with the component, we've updated DJ-Classifieds apps, modules, and plugins. In most cases, the introduced changes bring small fixes.

The blog post's content comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 with improved performance, upgraded control panel + 47 new features 

Active subscribers of the Joomla-Monster template, which uses DJ-Classifieds can download the latest version of the Joomla ads component.

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