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Help & FAQ ready-made page for ZoneStore eCommerce website design like Amazon - part 3

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

The help and faq section on online store should include all available resources in one place to let customers find information in a minute. A right help section should also be easy to scan. It means that the first view needs to encourage people to see what they are looking for and force them to read.

To achieve this purpose, we recommend using some crucial, eye-catching elements like icons, bolded phrases, headings and more.


How can we help you? - quick access to most significant information on eCommerce website.


help page for ecommerce website


As you can see on our example help page on the demo site of this beautiful eCommerce website template, we’ve divided the help section into six main topics. Each topic contains an icon, bolded title, and a short description. Few of them also has a list of clickable titles that redirect a user to a chosen link. We’ve tried to include the most important eCommerce user account and order details areas that we think should be found in such a section for an eCommerce website. However, if you need to modify them or add any other info there are no limitations - all items are created with the simple to use a free Joomla module.

  • Your orders (Pay for orders, Cancel orders, Download invoice)
  • Account settings (Change email or password, Update login information, Update billing info)
  • Easy buying (Free delivery, Return for free, 100-day return policy)
  • Logistic partners
  • Payment methods
  • Returns & refunds

How can we help you? - backend management

Take a look how easy you may manage all items, add new ones and modify all info - we use the free Joomla module here called JM Additional Features.

easy joomla module


Browse help topics - quick access to frequently asked questions on eCommerce website.


browse help topics ecommerce website


The section with help topics or an FAQ section can be a useful addition to your eCommerce website that serves several essential functions. It should be a part of your site where you place common concerns, questions or objections that customers have.

Publishing answers to frequently asked questions is a great idea, especially when it comes to relieving work intensity of the customer service. It means this section should be the first point of contact before customers will reach out to you directly with their questions.

It also improves SEO, site navigation and allows you to gain the trust of customers. As you can see in our example, we’ve implemented the list of most crucial help topics with linked titles that can direct to related articles. Adding an image to this section is also a great idea.

Browse help topics - backend management

Take a look at how easy you may manage all items in tabs, add new ones and modify all info - we use the free Joomla module here called JM Simple Tabs.

easy joomla tabs module


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