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How to setup DJ-MegaMenu in the Joomla template?

First of all, you need download the DJ-MegaMenu install package. Log in to your account and download the package from the download area. If you bought a Joomla template at Joomla-Monster you should get the package from the download area. You may also buy DJ-MegaMenu separately at the DJ-Extensions.

Install DJ-MegaMenu module

Once you have the installation package on your drive, you can proceed with the installation.

  1. Login to your Joomla back-end.
  2. Go to Extensions > Manage > Install

    Install DJ-MegaMenu module

  3. Upload the package. ( If the installation is carried out correctly, you will be informed )

    Install DJ-MegaMenu module

  4. Next, go to Extensions > Plugins and make sure the plugin “ DJ-MegaMenu system plugin ” is enabled.

    Extensions > Plugins and make sure the plugin “ DJ-MegaMenu system plugin ” is enabled.

Enable DJ-MegaMenu module

DJ-MegaMenu is almost ready to use on your website. Now you need to publish to the module. Go to Extensions > Modules and create a new module.

Enable DJ-MegaMenu module

From the list choose the “DJ-MegaMenu “

Set Joomla menu in DJ-MegaMenu module

Publish DJ-MegaMenu module

  1. Enter the name of the module
  2. Choose the position, in most of our templates it is top-menu-nav layout position
  3. Choose the Joomla menu to display in the module
  4. Make sure, status is published.

How to configure a multi-column submenu in DJ-MegaMenu?