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Better choose accessible template created by Joomla-Monster team.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Web Development

Joomla-Monster is a pioneer at creating accessible Joomla templates.
More and more customers appreciate our projects and that means a lot to our team!


Let us boast about the following facts :)

  • We are the first company who started to create the professional accessible Joomla templates!
  • We create the best accessible templates.
  • We are the company who had a speech about WCAG compatibility at the Joomla conference.
  • We keep getting messages with appreciation of our accessible templates.
  • We cooperate closely with the DJ-Extensions team - it's not just about the template. Extensions used on the site must be accessible as well!

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How to follow recommendations for making web content more accessible WCAG 2.0 (Section 508).


How to use keyboard shortcuts with accessible template (WCAG/Section508)?

keyboard navigation


This Joomla template follows recommendations for making web content more accessible WCAG 2.0

jm university accessible template design
JM University

jm smple accessible template design
JM Simple

jm commune offices accessible template
JM Commune Offices

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That's not all :) we've created accessible theme for WordPress, check it out.

pe services wordpress accessible themes
PE Services

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