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New Wednesday = new promotion= three templates 30% off!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

It’s our new tradition to write few words about three templates available for 30% less from each given Wednesday. That’s why today we encourage you to get to know features of the templates available in promotion till March 12: JM-Building-Services, JM-Personal-Site and JM-Sport.





This Joomla! 3.x and 2.5 template is based on two amazing components – DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Catalog2. That’s why it’s fitted to needs of many types of businesses.

If you’re specialized in building houses (in raw state or turnkey projects), creating home plans, floor plans or building design – use DJ-Catalog2 extension to present your work. It’s an catalogue solution for displaying items.

But with JM-Building-Services  you can also easily create real estate classifieds portal thanks to DJ-Classifieds extension. Advertise homes, lands, buildings and apartments for sale, turnkey projects, properties, houses and flats for rent or lease (long term or short term), semi-detached houses, terraced  houses, country houses, mansions, villas, penthouses, residencies, holiday houses, secondary mortgage market houses, luxury houses and more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re real estate agent, landlord or just a person who wants to rent/sell a flat – using JM-Building-Services will be a good choice.

The Joomla classifieds component uses Classifieds Maps. It’s Google Maps "follow category" module feature that allows you to display items on the map from the selected category. Thanks to it you can let your customers see  the location and stress strengths connected with it (closeness to the park, market, river etc.)

With unlimited categories and images, ask seller form and whole lot of custom fields from DJ-Classifieds extension, JM-Building Services becomes the platform which you can shape as you want to connect with your customers at the highest level of professionalism.

The support for the mobile devices is very important for everyone looking for the place to live "on the go", during the day, on the coffee break. That’s why whole template and extensions are built in responsive layout – to enhance user’s comfort and enrich his experience with your website.

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 & DJ-Classifieds are included for free. 

Useful and functional EF3 Framework offers series of features that you can set. You can define template layout options and fonts, turn on (or off) Google Analytics and more.

Demo copy - quickstart (included in the template price) is another improvement for the users – we don’t want you to do everything from scratch, that’s why we give you an exact copy of the demo site, where you can quickly insert your data and start your website.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities

DownloadLive demo  





When you run your own business you know that the appearance is important. And this rule applies both to you and your website. Trainers, coaches, teachers and other professionals know what that means: you have to stay in shape the same way your potential customers have to be drawn to your well-shaped website.

JM-Personal-Site is designed for professionals offering any kind of services. It can be everything –coach, manager, teacher, sport medicine or personal trainer’s website, golf courses, language, music, arts lessons, ski and tennis schools… and that’s just few. We provided tools that will become handy when crafting your website.

Note that it is no problem to change the background photo for any other image that you like. The same applies to the logo, this template can really be use to every possible small-business purpose. We offer two color versions of JM-Personal-Site – light and dark.

TIP: Check how to change the logo hover effect.

Commercial DJ-Catalog2 extension included to this template price is a perfect solution to show your services. It’s very  simple to setup and provides neat, modern output without need of advanced configuration (if you don't need to). With unlimited categories and subcategories, fields and fields groups it’s no problem to show how good tennis teacher you are and what types of lessons you offer.

To make your presentation more appealing we added DJ-MediaTools component that seamlessly integrates with DJ-Catalog2 and allows you to create slideshows and galleries, insert them into articles, modules or create separate component views. In practice this means you can include interesting pictures (and movies!) of your accomplishments, places where you work, equipment you use, services you provide. And you can do it in 7 different ways! All to make your website as professional as you are.

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 & DJ-MediaTools are included for free.

This Joomla 3.x and 2.5 template as well as extensions included support mobile devices. All of the elements are fully responsive, which means your website will be beautifully displayed on notebook, smartphone and tablet. It’s based on EF3 framework that provides many powerful settings that allow you to modify JM-Personal-Site at the template manager.

TIP: How to check responsive template on mobile device?

Watch the video guide with the most interesting parts of the template on Joomla-Monster YouTube channel.

DownloadLive demo  




We all love sport – whether we actually do it or just watch it on TV. Enthusiasts of baseball, basketball, football, tennis, curling, jogging, cycling, hiking, windsurfing, sailing, shooting, bowling and many more sport types are among us. If you’re a professional or amateur you might want to present accessories used in your discipline. And JM-Sport is a perfect solution for that. You can use it as a hobbyist or to show customers what products you have in your physical store (without online shopping cart/payments functionality).

DJ-Catalog2 extension used with this Joomla! 2.5 template enables you to display sport accessories stylishly and informatively at the same time. Use frontpage slideshow module to draw attention, categories and subcategories to navigate customer through your web, add products details with miniatures, unlimited fields, filtering module and more.

JM-Sport is 1017px wide, lightweight, modern and very fast-loading template with collapsible module positions and well-commented CSS style files. It’s available in three color versions, four design module options and has RTL option as well. You can download .PSD slices, get demo copy (quickstart file) and all the extensions used on demo site are included for free.

Watch the video guide with the most interesting parts of the template on Joomla-Monster YouTube channel.

DownloadLive demo