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JM-Intranet-Corporation, Template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-intranet-corporationNew template jm-intranet-corporation addressed especially for intranet corporations or organizations has just been released.
I would like to describe a few details giving you advice, which can help to customize the template.

Starting with logo, cos it's the certain thing you will change, note that you can easlily replace the image with yours.
Navigate to template parameters , then you can modify a path and an image name.
Be sure that param.ini file, from template's directory, is writable, otherwise the data will not be saved.

The modules displayed at "topbox" and "bottom" positions behave in a vary interesitng and useful way.
The modules use a special code ( placed in lib/php/dj_setup.php ), which counts modules at these positions and then displays them in a row.
The code just "must know" the maximum number of modules in row.
For example for "topbox" position, we used code:

The line says, that the maximum 3 modules have to be displayed at "topbox" position with djmodule2 style ( declared in html/modules.php file )
It means that if you publish 5 modules at "topbox" position, 3 of them will be displayed in the 1st row and 2 others will be displayed in 2nd row, divided in two equal width.
As for the "bottom" position, the code looks as follows:

By the way, see here all template positions.

The template contains styles for dj-multicolum menu, where you can set a number of columns that a submenu has to be divided in.

The another our extension indroduced on jm-intranet-corporation demo is dj-tab-generator component and module.
The module is placed at "tabs" position, where you can find a few examples of content  displaying.