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EF4 Framework 4.6 version update released! Take a look at improvements.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We are happy to announce the EF4 free Joomla framework 4.6 version release with important improvements. Take a look at the short description.

All ThemeCustomizer scripts and stylesheets are loaded once a user clicks the ThemeCustomizer icon on the front-end. 

It means that at the template demo or after enabling Theme Customizer option at the template backend the icon (1) is visible only. After clicking the button then Theme Customizer is loaded with all needed scripts. Why we modified this? 
Since customers while working on template modification often check the template on web perfomance tools (for example ). Theme Customizer has to be disabled to test a website with such tools that's why we added close button (2) to remove all unnecessary scripts related with TC to get correct report results.


EF4 framework 4.6


Added new parameter to defer loading of all scripts with option to exclude selected scripts (some scripts are excluded by default).

You may enable defer loading of all the scripts. This option can improve your page speed loading, but turning it on can also cause javascript errors - depending on extensions you're using. You can exclude individual scripts which are causing bugs by listing them in the field below. jQuery and Mootools are excluded from defer loading by default.


defer scripts


There is also a list of already excluded scripts from defer loading by default, because of script dependencies. We added them since we are sure that they can't be excluded from defering, they must stay to make the site work without erros. If we find more scripts of any 3rd party extensions that may be added to the list we will do it in the next updates.

You may also add scripts (file name or part of the path) to be excluded from defer loading. Each file should be added in a new line.

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