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Must read article! Check JM Guest House template possibilities.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

We’re pleased to present the latest template: JM Guest House. As the name suggests, we dedicate this template in particular for companies engaged in broadly understood hotel industry. This is a great base to create the service, which perfectly presents your business and give customers information about it. What are the main features of our template?


One template - multiple designs

We prepared several demo site versions of this template to show its flexibility. Any amendments have been made without changing the source code. It is therefore one template, but shown in many different views. As you can see everyone can adjust it to suit your needs. Every views has slight modifications to the layout, so if you want to change something don't be afraid, because it's simply and user-friendly.

One template - multiple purposes

Demo template presents an offer for hotels or Guesthouses but thanks to the flexibility of DJ-Catalog2 , you can create any database. Functionality contained in the template + extensions will allow you to freely adjusting modules. Take a look at several examples of interesting template parts.

Custom code

There is a wide range of Custom HTML’s ready made code that you may modify and re-use in any position. Source code is in Typography.

Boxes Modules with showy brilliance effect.


Boxes Modules with showy brilliance effect.


Location module

Location module

Entering boxes


Entering boxes



Well-known and well-liked Theme Customizer - master in the field of color customization. If you’ve not seen it yet, check it as soon as possible!


Theme Customizer


Product directory

Ideal tool to create database of the products. We used DJ-Catalog to create a database with the hotel offer, because it is flexible extensions and it suit to any user. Room features are very easy to customize.


We created some room types, for example Single Room or Apartment, you may create as many as you need.



If the site owner has a few hotels, he can create one database for all, separated only which services belong to whom. You can give it up if you only have one.


Filters (custom fields)

You can create your own and then select features for each room. See how simple it is!

Create a field -> set a field value for an item -> see them on the site!
This is also useful for search, you can search for products in a database using fields.

I had to admit, that this is only an example of use. Only limitation is your imagination.

Creating custom fields




Selecting custom fileds while submitting the product


Selecting custom fileds while submitting the product


This is how it reflects on the site


custom fields


Gallery solution

To build a gallery of products we’ve used DJ-MediaTools extensions. It offers a wide range of views: Sliders, Gallery Grid, Tabber, Kwick Panel etc.
It is also good that DJ-MediaTools cooperates with DJ-Catalog, so there is no problem to place products from a database into for example Slider.

See examples of views here.

Menu solution

We all know how important is proper navigation of the website. In our template provides it DJ-MegaMenu extension. You can create menus and submenus, view the submenu as a tree, in the columns of other modules or as a drop-down list. Then without any problem display it in chosen position. You can set a width value below which menu collapse in a mobile version.

Hope you enjoy it the article! 

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