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JM Product Catalog updated. It is compatible with DJ-Catalog 3.7 eCommerce Joomla extension now.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

We are pleased to inform that we have updated our JM Product Catalog Joomla template to support the latest version of DJ-Catalog2 Joomla extension which comes with shopping cart feature. Let's take a closer look at the most interesting improvements introduced in this template update.


What's new in DJ-Catalog 3.7

Complete Joomla eCommerce solution

From the 3.7 version, DJ-Catalog brings a complete eCommerce solution for Joomla. It gives you everything you need to launch an online store:

  • making orders by guests or members
  • payment methods
  • delivery methods
  • stock control
  • various VAT rates and rules
  • product comparison
  • product combinations and customizations
  • and more

Product combinations and customizations


Joomla eCommerce


The product combination option allows you to create different variants of the same product. A good example is a t-shirt which may have few different sizes and colors. Another interesting feature of this Joomla ecommerce extension is the product customization option. It allows you to create, for example, additional services for a product like a gift wrapping, branding, etc.


Product comparison

Joomla eCommerce template


This option gives you a possibility to select products and compare their details side by side.


Quick preview popup

Joomla eCommerce extension


On the blog view, you can display the "Preview" button which allows to quickly preview a product in a popup window.


New features added to the Joomla template


DJ-MediaTools Joomla gallery improvements

JM Product Catalog


We have added some additional CSS styles to support the latest version of DJ-MediaTools Joomla extension. One of the most interesting features which were added recently to the component is masonry layout.


DJ-Catalog blog and single product's titles customization

JM Product Catalog


We have added some additional font settings in the template parameters. From now you can control the font family and font size of the product and article titles in the blog and single view.


Additional color settings for DJ-Catalog elements

JM Product Catalog


We have added some additional color parameters so you can control the background and text color of the "add to cart", "add to quote" and "confirm" buttons.

See the full list of changes in the template changelog

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