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Get this template to build successful restaurant site.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

JM Best Food Bar Joomla template is mainly dedicated for restaurant, café, pizzeria, pub and all industries related with the gastronomy. Template is ideal for blogs as well. If you want to create a blog where you put your own recipes for dishes with the images and movies of their preparation, you’ve found the perfect template! It’s really multipurpose template. Thanks to flexible solutions can use it to create any simple website about various industries.

Flexible solutions

Theme Customizer

Feel as magician, who with a few movements changes the appearance of the whole website. Your wand is Theme Customizer - test by yourself!


theme customizer


Layout Builder

If you liked the role of a magician, we have something more for you: Layout builder! Forget about tedious reworking the source code, now you can change the page layout with just a few mouse moves.


layout builder


Powerful extensions

This template contains everything needed to create a simple website. In addition to the standard views we offer gallery and tabs extensions, that everyone will like.


That is a great extension, whereby you’ll prepare excellent gallery. By using many different views you can create a slider, tabber, grid or many others. Media-Tools is suitable both for simple and very sophisticated gallery. One thing is certain: the photos of meals or events will be presented perfectly.



Save space and increases the clarity of the page by using tabs. It looks awesome as menu. In the following tabs you can put for example article, movie or custom module. It’s very readable and elegant way to display your restaurant menu.


Ediable backgrounds

Don't be misled of the food photos. This is just a sample view. All images and content you can edit, change, and adapt to your needs. This is the template that allows you to create any simple website.

editable backgrounds

Mobile friendly test and web performance result

We always test websites in terms of responsiveness, it means properly display on mobile devices. According to Google Mobile-Friendly test JM Best Food Bar is just awesome!

mobile freindly test


What about performance of the site? We gained 90/100 page speed insights! It means, that wasn’t found any serious problems.

page insights test


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