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Create a professional classifieds site with JoomAdvertising template

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

We are happy to introduce you a new and hot JM JoomAdvertising classifieds city portal. This is our response to the high interest in solutions for classified ads for Joomla. JM JoomAdvertising is a successor of the two best selling and most popular classifieds Joomla templates in the world - JM JoomClassifieds and JM JoomAds. If this template has not convinced you on the first look, then keep reading to find out more about its great features.

Doomed to success

The Joomla classifieds template is designed having the biggest classifieds players in the Internet on mind, like Gumtree or OLX. We focused on bringing the best user experience to encourage your visitors to come back and back again, to post more and more ads.

Classifieds extension for Joomla

As for previous classifieds templates, we rely on DJ-Classifieds as a base for classified ads for Joomla. DJ-Classifieds authors guarantee high performance for big sites with over 10.000 of categories, regions and ads. This extension receives very frequent updates with important improvements as well as with new interesting features so you may be calm about security and you may introduce new features to your visitors to be competitive on the classifieds portals market.


Auctions for Joomla

DJ-Classifieds is not a simple classifieds extension only. It also includes auction selling options to make smooth and efficient service for both buyers and sellers. Worth to mention is a possibility to set a reserve price, minimal and maximal bid increase and "Buy Now" button.

Acutions Bidding

User-friendly search engine

In the header of the template we implemented the DJ-Classifieds Search module. We decided to display the most important search fields to simplify and optimize the user experience in search process. If there is a need to search in more advanced way, this can be done on the search results page or by clicking the "Advanced Search" link below the main search module.

DJ-Classifieds Search Module

Earn on classifieds

DJ-Classifieds allows to earn on classifieds in many different ways. You can charge for:

  • adding ads to paid categories
  • highlighting ads
  • moving an ad to the top of the list
  • renewals
  • adding extra images
  • adding extra characters to description
  • displaying promoted ads in a special static or slider module

and lot more!

DJ-Classifieds Promotions

Rate and review classifieds or sellers

According to surveys over 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. These days almost everyone is searching for opinions before making the purchase. Why do not integrate a rating and review system on your classifieds portal? If you decide to do this, we implemented DJ-Reviews to this template which allows users to rate and review classified ads as well as sellers. What is more this extension works with many other extensions including Joomla articles.


Powerful EF4 Framework for Joomla templates

JM JoomAdvertising was developed on EF4 Framework so you can take all advantages of this great and popular Joomla template framework. Why it is so special? Because you can customize the template in many different ways. In other words, you can create a completely different template layout thanks to Layout Builder and you can create unlimited color versions thanks to ThemeCustomizer.


High peformance

Page load time has very high impact on user experience and conversion. EF4 Framework gives you wide range of options to speed up and optimize the page load time, like combining, compression, deffering. Worth to mention is batch optimization for images which you can run for DJ-MediaTools slides and DJ-Classifieds ads.