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How to integrate standard joomla search with DJ-Catalog2 component?

If you use DJ-Catalog2 component to present products or any other items, it's very important to give your website visitors easy way to search the catalogue stock.

The standard joomla search component is not a sufficient solution.
There's DJ-Catalog2 Search plugin available, that force joomla to thoroughly search DJ-Catalog2 content.

Let's take JM-Fashion-Catalog template as the example.
At the top of the website just enter "t-shirt" in the search module, then press the grey arrow.
The results should be like in the screenshot below:


Also note, that the plugin allows you to search within DJ-Catalog component only.
That's very useful in case the website visitor would like to check the catalogue stock instead of the whole site content, that may include "t-shirt" keyword.