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How to create a product presentation on a sales website?

| Andrzej Herzberg | Web Development

The fact is that good presentation is almost everything, especially when you’re selling the product online. There are some well-known facts that should be taken into consideration. The quality of your product’s sales presentation will determine whether customers will choose your offer or one of your competitors. Our article contains many valuable reminders and a checklist for the products sellers willing to prepare their professional product presentation on a product website.

Read on to learn more and check how to best create your product presentation sales website and what it exactly need to do to win the sale! We are sure that our tips and strategies described below will help you to create a website that will motivate buyers.

Organizing the information of your products is the most important task. You should make a list of all of the information that is required. Keep separate website sections for product information, company data, customers testimonials and other details. Everything should be clear and transparent, encouraging your potential clients.  Do you remember what is the main objective of the product presentation? It’s to attract the attention of the website’s visitors. It’s also good to know your audience’s expectations. It’s worth to consider using the one-page site. These type of websites are popular for the presentation of products, and they also allow to put all the relevant content on the front page, so it’s easy to move from one section to another.

See product presentation website template

Show images of products

product website

Nowadays, a good-looking sales website requires showing images of products included in the offer. Pictures have the power to speak more than words. The perfect solution is to use a modern image slider on the site’s frontpage and try to catch the attention of visitors by showing them directly what our offer includes. It is worth to mention that images used should be of the highest quality. Slides can also include title, subtitles, links and call to action buttons. If it’s possible to try to keep slides as simple. You need to know that too much content on a slide makes it illegible. Therefore it can lose its impact. The fonts used for the content should be easy to read. The most important thing is to show them and make them visible and recognizable.

Free image slider module for Joomla

Features of your product

sales presentation

Another practical section of your website is where you show off the main features of your product. Explain the advantages of your offer. Show best sides of your product and try to present how it can help the customer achieve his goals and stand out from the competition. It’s good to use catchy slogans here. It’s also recommended to insert some simple, eye-catching icons to distinguish the different product features.

It’s also highly recommended to present on the frontpage things like:

  • a most popular product
  • the latest released product
  • the discount offer

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Snapshots of your products

product presentation

snapshots of products

Showing a full gallery with the images of your products is another catchy idea. Present some snapshots of your products, so customers can see them and check them out before they finally decide on the purchase. You should consider using a useful gallery solution to make a professional and eye-catching presentation.

Free image carousel module for Joomla

Videos about your products

sales website

Adding videos is also a right solution. You can choose between adding some videos about your products to the gallery or make a separate section with the videos only. Videos are currently a very popular solution, this is a growing trend on the web, and it certainly works well for sites offering products online. Choose between putting a video directly on the site or import videos from your YouTube channel (or other video channels). Both solutions are great.

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product testimonials

Every website offering products to sale should include testimonials. It’s also perfect if they come directly from customers. They can present custom experiences, reviews or customer suggestions. For online businesses like yours, testimonials are a very useful tool because website’s visitors are often looking for reviews written by other customers before they decide to buy anything.

Free testimonials module for Joomla

Company Introduction

company team profiles 

This is a great way to build a confidence and a positive company image among the visitors. Show the list of your company team and show their full profiles (including their photos and personal information) The info should be short but pithy.

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Pricing Tables

pricing tables

Provide the cost of your services. Try to be very scrupulous, the information about potential costs is the important thing for the customer. It is required to prepare detailed descriptions that fully explain the future costs. It’s also the right place to use some “call to action” buttons. If you want the visitors to move forward to make a product purchase or order a subscription, or you want to attract potential sponsors to provide funding, then you should include the buttons right there.

Free pricing tables module for Joomla

Contact info

Extremely important is to provide contact information, the email address or a contact form, show your company address or phone number. It’s the indispensable element of the site, so the data should be presented in an attractive way. 

A good addition to the complete website are elements such as a box which are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter (it might be an also an addition to contact information box) or the icons directing to social channels of our company (such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).

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See product presentation website template


Now you know that it requires a lot of work to create a professional product website. The attractive web design plays a key role in a successful online product presentation. But is that enough? If you are presenting your visitors an attractive, functional website, packed with all necessary content then you’re definitely getting money to your pocket.

It’s worth investing some time to get to know our set of advice relevant to online business strategy. There are many tools and solutions on the web available that can help you to build an effective website very quickly. You are able to find on the web very flexible templates build for different CMS platforms like Joomla, that are designed to allow you launching a fully professional website in a short time. We suggest to taking a look at solutions like a Joomla template for startup companies: JM App which contains all the elements required for a product presentation sale website mentioned earlier. Do not forget that the key to launching a business, is just to launch it. You already know what you need to do. Do not waste your time, take action and start moving forward.