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Wednesday promotion 19 – 25 March

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

What have we prepared for this week’s promotion? Three templates 30% off, of course! Read more about them in our article.





Joomla! 3.x and 2.5 responsive template perfect for creating renewable energy topic website such as solar energy, solar thermal energy, solar updraft towers, wind power, rain power, hydropower, hydroelectricity, ocean thermal energy conversion, hydroelectric dams or tidal forces, waves and geothermal heat/energy, ecological solutions, heating systems, recycling, biomass, biofuels, electricity generation, energy development, hot water/space heating, fuels, rural (off-grid) energy services, steam turbines, environmental protection etc. If you run company specialized in those areas – you’re developer of new technologies or you’re deliverer of installation services for home and office – this is a template for you!

DJ-Catalog2 component used in this template lets you attractively present your devices/equipment and make customers choose your services. Use filter modules and custom fields to create filter search base with information relevant to your clients.

Photos from demo site are also included in Quickstart package, so when you buy our JM-Renewable-Energy template you also get free photos to use on your website.

Joomla! 3.x version of this template is based on powerful EF3 Framework with many functionalities, for example Google Analytics – free tool that allows you to analyze your traffic data in many ways. Simply enter your Google Analytics code and start controlling your website traffic! New to Google Analytics? Go here.

TIP: How to add a web analytics tracking code into the Joomla template?

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 is included for FREE with this template. 

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities.

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Beauty salon Joomla template



Excellent Joomla! 3.x, 2.5 template for those preparing website for beauty salon, beauty parlor, beauty center, beauty institute, cosmetic salon, hair salon, SPA salon. You can show your offer for services such as skin health eg. facial aesthetic or peelings; massage, oxygen therapy, mud baths, foot care therapy, aromatherapy, sun tanning, nail services – pedicure/manicure and other.

We used DJ-Flyer extension in this template – it gives you wide range of possibilities. It allows you to create service categories with thumbnail images and short and full description (eg. displaying along with big picture in the lightbox after clicking on image). You can also decide if you want to hide thumbnails, category name etc. and for example set the place of description.  What’s more, information displays without reloading the website. Your customers can effortlessly switch on fly between category items and with “Read more” section will easily navigate to the part of the website they want. Create unlimited categories for services, products, places etc., link to articles about them – for example you can link the SPA offer to article explaining its beneficial effects on health. There are plenty of functionalities to explore, such as defining witch categories you want to include in the module, how many items you want to display on page, setting duration of animation and more!

TIP: Check interesting tips.

This template is based on EF3 Framework that offers numerous great features. Take a look for example on font settings, where you can set global fonts settings, module headings, article headings and more. You can use custom fonts or decide to use Google Web Fonts.

TIP: How to use Google Web Fonts in a template.

NOTE: DJ-Flyer is included for FREE with this template.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities.

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best football basketball hokey joomla template


This is a template for real sport fans! In the Joomla! 2.5 version of this template you’ll get three designs (and three color versions) for football, basketball or hockey website. You can create the website with news, portal designated to one particular team or the whole league – the choice is yours. It’s also ideal pick for sport schools, sport clubs or sport venues.

We used DJ-ImageSlider extension in the template’s header – thanks to it you’ll easily change demo images to your own pictures. You’ll be able to display image slides with title and short description and link them to any menu item, article or URL address.

It’s 930px wide template with collapsible module positions and nine module suffixes for the template’s "position-7" and "rightload" positions. DJ-Sport01 provides few backend parameters for convenient template management, such as setting path to the logo file, adding page’s title and description, choosing font name, enabling you to decide if you want to display the version switcher, setting the default template version.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities.

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