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Three templates for 30% off till April 2nd!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Read about them to see why you should get them!


Exclusive Furniture Joomla template



This Joomla 3.x and 2.5 template is perfect for companies producing furniture for kitchen, living room, baby room, bedroom, dining room, office, luxury furniture, storage options, decor products, furnishings, kitchen appliances, accessories such as curtains, curtain rods, carpets, "everything for home" type of businesses, services specialized in creating furniture designs, interior designs and more.

Commercial DJ-Catalog2 extension – simple and powerful directory/catalogue solution – is included for free in this template. It is perfect when you need product catalogue. In this component there are no limits – you can set unlimited categories, products, producers, fields, field groups and images. It’s also enriched with many modules such as extra fields, where you can add customized information about your furniture/accessories – dimensions, weight, color versions, technical data and whatever else you need.

Another extension used is commercial DJ-MediaTools, ideal for presenting your great interiors, no matter if they’re curtains, desks or wardrobes. Show customers how good your products will look in small and large apartments, make them choose your proposition over others. It’s very easy with DJ-MediaTools. Create appealing slideshows and galleries, place them anywhere, combine slideshows with lists and descriptions of your products to give beautiful presentation along with informative message. Add albums in the articles, use simple ordering by dragging and dropping and multiupload. It’s quick and professional as well.

This template is based on EF3 framework with great possibilities like font settings –referring to the whole template (global) or module and article headings. You can use custom or Google fonts. It’s also possible to choose template layout. You can vary layout between three schemes to find the one most suitable for your needs:

  • Left column – content – right Column
  • Left column – right column – content
  • Content – left column – right Column

JM-Exclusive-Furniture has three color options – light blue, positive orange and delicate pink.

TIP: How to use Google Web Fonts in a template.

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 & DJ-MediaTools are included for FREE with this template. 

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities.

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minimalistic Joomla template



Minimalistic and elegant Joomla 3.x and 2.5 template. Perfect for developers, architects, designers, interior designers, home designers and others.

We included three commercial extensions in this template!
With DJ-MediaTools you will create amazing galleries and slideshows of your projects, designs, ideas and successful realizations. In this area of services the look is what matters, so with our extension you will easily create professional presentation. Put photos into articles, add filter and descriptions (e.g. "Project for the president designed in May 2012"). You have 8 layouts to choose from, many image effects, smart resizing and for example possibility to make video albums – what’s better than personally invite potential customers to contact you, show them how you work or how your workshop looks like?

DJ-MegaMenu extension will prove perfect for bringing attention of your customers to special promotions, occasions, offers and important information. Simply add proper modules to submenus. Modules give you wide range of possibilities to set up the menu you need.

With our powerful EF3 framework you can set many parameters, for example the width of the template. Choose between static and fluid option. With the static option you will get default width at 1170px, when choosing the fluid option you must specify the template width in % or px.

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 & DJ-MediaTools & DJ-MegaMenu are included for FREE with this template.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities.

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education Joomla template


DJ-Education is colorful Joomla 2.5 template. Possible uses of this template include creating website for school, preschool, kindergarten, school activities, after school activities, organizations engaged in the development of children's arts talents.

DJ-Catalog2, commercial extension included for free in this template, will be great to present the work of young artists and to interest other parents in your school. Show what children made in classes, how amazing they achievement are and, so fore, that your educational methods are effective and kids-friendly. As parents like to show the work of their children to others, you can use available social comment plugins – for Facebook, Disquss and JComments.

This template has two color options – yellow and purple. It provides some backend parameters for convenient template management. You can set logo path, site title and description and background color. There are two module suffixes available – default and module with suffix "cloud" – as you can guess, it adds a nice cloud graphics to the top of your module.

NOTE: DJ-Catalog2 is included for FREE with this template.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the video presenting the most interesting parts of the template with sample displays and overview of the functionalities.

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