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JM-Spicy-Joe template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-spicy-joeNew template - JM-Spicy-Joe is a very uniqe and ideal for restaurant owners.
When it comes to technical data and template details, it's worth to explain some issues.
Please see here the main features of that template.

Starting with logo, it is set here as logo.png located in template's directory images/logo.png. The dimensions of logo image are 250x90 in pixels.

Header positions are set in an interesting way. All headers used in demo sites you can always find in joomla directory images/stories/modules/ .
The main header image is a cook with a few bowls of spices - header.png. The next one is header2.png set in the center on the top page. Here you can put some dishes from your menu and apply it to different website's areas.
Another picture is a table with a short note about latest news in your restaurant. It's  located in "news" position and the image is titled as news.png .
All these images can be very easy replaced with yours - in "source" folder in your purchased package you will find a small .PSD slices responsible for all images on the top page.

The next interesting value is a menu introduced here. It's DJ-Multicolumn-Menu which can be configured to display submenu in a few columns. To see detailed description fllow this link.

The template uses DJ-Catalog component and its extentions. This component may be very useful here. It can raise nubmer of your restaurant clients, because lots of them would like to see meals served in your restaurant. Contrary to all appearances, it could brings you many benefits.  The management of that component is very easy,  see the component documentation here.