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JM-Real-Estate-Classifieds, Real-Estate Template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Our new JM-Real-Estate-Classifieds template is a new release connected with DJ-Classifieds component. You can download an instruction for that simple extension here . Full installation packages with the instruction are also attached to a  purchased package.

The template contails styles for RTL Languages.

The main template's image is located at "header" module position with "position: absolute;" style , so there is no problem to locate here wider image. Besides, in the "source" directory of a purchased package you will find header.psd file, which allows you to make any modifications to header.png image and save the picture  in the current dimensions.

The logo is placed in the template's directory of all images in: jm-real-estate-classifieds/images/logo.png

A menu the template uses is our standard DJ-Menu.

As the template contails 4 colour module's suffixes, you can manage your website's colour in a simple way. For example, if you don't like the green colour you can enter other availabe suffixes to your modules.
The modification of a top green part of the template is also easy, because it's enough to change the background image. In this situation you can use frontpage.psd file to introduce your changes.
The background is assign to "all" id, the appropriate styles can be found in:
layout.css at 14 line:

#all {
background: url("../images/green_top.jpg") repeat-x scroll left top #FFFFFF;

It means, that you can download green_top.jpg image to compare with your modified file ( dimensions ), then save and overwrite it.

See all template's features here.

The prevoius template connected with DJ-Classifieds component is JM-Classifieds.