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JM-Politic template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-politicJM-Politic template is design especially for those who would like to stand as candidate in any elections connected with politic. Of course the template is ideal for any representative website of any business owners. The main characteristic of this template design is an image at the frontpage and three main slogans you want your potential electors/clients "force" to read.

The main image is very easy to replace with yours. The image is placed here as a custom module at "header" position. It is located in images/stories/modules/ directory of joomla installation as person.png. What is more you will find header.psd file in "source" directory of a downloaded package. It means, that you can mofify the picture of a pesron in a very simple way and save the image as person.png. Then just overwrite your the demo image with your person.png file in a location which was mentioned above.

Antother issue is connected with listed slogans. It is custom module at "header-mod" position. The module contains a specified code which usues some styles to appear in a particular way e.g.
indentation, cufon font.
All you need to change the text is to edit the module code ( using a proper button from your editor )

The code you will see is:
<li class="first">We are close to people</li>
<li>People are close to us</li>
<li class="last">Make right choice</li>

Now you can modify the text avoiding any problems with code

Taking into account your website visitors ( potential electors ) , we introduced in the template font size selector, which seems to be a very positive point for that kind of websites. You can manage it on template configuration.

More extensions:
DJ-NewsTicker module - see the description
DJ-Catalog component and its modules - see the documentation for that simple component

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