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JM-News-Portal - create news and classifieds portal with this template.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Recently I've released very usable and powerful extension for creating classifieds on Joomla sites. This is commercial extension but as you may know, if you purchase any template with any our commercial extension, you will get it for free. Then if you like it,  you may buy longer subscription plan for any our Joomla extensions. Let's see the next template that uses DJ-Classifieds Joomla component. 



It's out latest release - JM-News-Portal ,  taking into account the template purpose, classifieds section suits perfectly here. If you follow "CLASSIFIEDS" button on the front page, you will be redirected to DJ-Classifieds demo section. You will find here many additional useful modules that work with DJ-Classifieds Joomla component.

At first you will see "DJCLASSIFIEDS MAPS" Google Map module. The map shows the specified region with classifieds. If you click on the one of the direction marks, then the small cloud with short classified description will appear. However if you enter any classifieds category, the map will follow the cate gory and display classifieds from selected category only.

Then there's blog view of categories but take a closer look at the "DJCLASSIFIEDS SEARCH" - the module in black box in the right column. It's advanced search module,  each field loads automatically depending on the filter you choose. The search module displays custom fields created for each category (since not every product is characterized by the same atributes).
There's also great feature that you can use, the search module can be displayed in a horizontal way, take  a look at the 5th point of suffixes list here.

Then check any product details, you will find many useful information about the product but take a closer look at  "Specific details" - those fieds are created by administrator of the site, so customer can enter important information that are characteristic for particular products category (different for each category). Administrator may also charge users for placing ads by specifying individual rates for every category and set price for promoted ads! 

Check more features on our Joomla extensions site.

The template is responsive - which means that it adjusts to small screens.
Check how template layout changes depending on the mobile devices you use to browse the site. 
The DJ-Classifieds component is also responsive with this template.