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JM-Italian-Restaurant - new template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We've recently released new responsive template for Joomla 2.5 - addressed for restaurants or any food bars.
Though it's name is JM-Italian-Restaurant  be sure that it may be used for any other restaurant since it's very easy to configure each part of the demo site that may be taken as strictly Italian food.

fp monster25-orangeLet's start with the big image under the top menu. It's placed in the custom module at header position. You will find PSD source in the download area. Unpack the zip file and use header.psd file to create your own header image, then save it as header.jpg and replace in root/images/modules or upload via Media Manager.

The image "Fresh meals everyday" is also included to PSD source, so you will be able to modify the opening hours for your restaurant.

The "dish of the day" module uses additional module suffix dish-of-day, we encourage you to check all module suffixes and badges that this template provides. There are many examples of module designs that you can select from.
But returning to the point, you may want to modify background for the "dish of the day" module.
Take a look at the code details:

Top left leaf, the code placed in css/module.css, line 128: .jm-bg-topleft {
   background: url('../images/dishofday-topleft.png') no-repeat;
   width: 62px;
   height: 79px;
   left: 0;
   top: 0;

Save you background image as dishofday-topleft.png and modify dimentions if needed.

The cook, the code placed in css/modules.css, line 136: .jm-bg-bottomright {
   background: url('../images/dishofday-bottomright.png') right bottom no-repeat;
   width: 308px;
   height: 154px;
   right: 0;
   bottom: 0;

Save you background image as dishofday-bottomright.png and modify dimentions if needed.

The menu was build with the standard Joomla menu and DJ-Flyer component.
We added the additional module suffix to the template code to create such menu design that is presented on the demo site.

The menu categories and meal description is created with DJ-Flyer component and displaed with DJ-Flyer module.
You will find 4 modules of DJ-Flyer in the Module Manager that are assign to each restaurant menu items, respectively for Main dishes, Pizza, Salads, Desserts and one for Home default link item.

For example, DJ-Flyer module that is assigned to Pizza displays items from "Pizza" category - the category created in DJ-Flyer Joomla component, an so on.

At the bottom of the site there's DJ-ImageSlider module. Just like the rule with DJ-Flyer, it works with DJ-ImageSlider component and displays slides (you can link each slide to any site area) or images from selected folder.

Need more info? Check interesting tips and get familiar with the template's documentation.