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JM-Cool-Waters - new template release

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM-Cool-Waters - cool Joomla template for sailors or travel agencies already released.

jm-cool-waters-J25jm-cool-waters-J25 nowater

Learn most interesting features about this template that are not mentioned in the basic template description:

  1. the water background can be simply disabled at the template manager, use the background switcher at the footer area to check how the template look without water background
  2. the template do not use all available template positions, for example the front page layout does not include right or left column at all, they are simply disabled; so check all positions here or at the template description
  3. there are few example animated css3 buttons available to use at any template position, we used them in each slide description (at the header position), learn how to use animated css3 code here
  4. take a look at the ribbon template position,  it's the custom code that uses the graphic background here; you can replace, modify or do whatever you want with that since it's attached to PSD source, as well as other graphic template parts
  5. there are 4 design module options, so you can use them to compose the most suitable template design