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JM-Balloon - new release for Joomla 2.5

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We have recently released the new, very colourful template - JM-Balloon

jm-balloon-J25jm-balloon-J25 noclouds

Take a closer look at the template details since it's worth to know that:

  1. you can simply disable clouds from the background (check template parameters), of course in case you would like to use this template for any themes that do not relate to air sport
  2. you can enable left/right column though it is not used at the front page on demo site
  3. there are many module suffixes that you can use with that template to achieve desired layout and view
  4. the DJ-ImageSlider module that is placed at header position display animated buttons created with CSS3, you can also use those buttons in any other template position, check the typography
  5. check all template parameters that you can set at the template manager, here you can change e.g. fonts, template dimentions
  6. put the mouse over the dj-catalog2 item e.g. at the front page to see the great css3 transfrom efffect
  7. the template uses 2 modules of dj-menu that uses dj-menu-top1 and dj-menu-top2 template positions to divide the area into 2 parts, but there are no limits to get rid of module placed at dj-menu-icon and the second menu to achieve the standard view of horizontal menu