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EF4 just updated! Check improvements!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We have just released EF4 framework stable version!
Many improvements and new features have been introduced as well as reported bugs are fixed.

 Take a look at new features:

  1. New parameter added that allows to choose a directory for images. It can be useful if you want to create several color versions of your template with different template images.
  2. Open Graph protocol added for Joomla articles. The Open Graph protocol enables a web page to become a rich object in a social graph.
  3. One click update feature added for the EF4 Framework plugin. Now you can simply and quickly update the plugin from Joomla back-end.
  4. New option added for a flexiblock in Layout Builder that allows to display modules proportionally divided for responsive layouts if one of the modules is missing.
  5. Now you do not need to create a different template style to assign a different layout for other menu items. Now, all this can be done on the Layout Builder tab, where you can assign a layout to selected pages within the same template style.
  6. PHP function added that allows to replace selected CSS urls from the head section with your own urls
  7. New color picker added for ThemeCustomizer and template parameters
  8. Now it is possible to hide a block from appearing in the Layout Builder
  9. If the Developer Mode is enabled you can now inspect LESS files using developer tools that allows to use CSS source maps, for example developer tools included to Firefox or Chrome browsers
  10. Glyphicons font added

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