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DJ-MegaMenu 4.1 comes with improved menu customization, new "clean" theme, and more new options

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The version 4.1 stable of DJ-MegaMenu is already here. You can start using new features. We want to thank all users for their feedback, that we received after releasing the 4.1 beta version.

The latest DJ-MegaMenu release brings features for menu customization, giving you better possibilities to customize the menus' look and feel. Module parameters were updated, and we have improved several options for a better menu setup.

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New 'Clean' theme

There's a new "clean" theme available. A great starting point to use the color customizer or creating a new custom theme.

That's how it looks like: 

Clean theme - Mega Menu

Color modifications in all themes

Users can customize the colors of each theme available in the "Mega Menu Options" tab.  So far, this has only been possible for one theme.  

Customize colors Mega Menu

New option to overlay body of the website on menu items hover

We've added the new option. You can enable it to add the overlay to the BODY when hovering menu items.

Overlay hover

New option to close submenu events (click or hover)

Choosing submenu opening event was available in DJ-MegaMenu for a while now, and now it is possible to choose also the close event to be Mouse leave or Click.  

You will find this new feature right below the "Open event" settings in MegaMenu options.   

Close event button

menu hover


There are also several fixes in this update:

  • Improved Joomla 4 beta compatibility 
  • Improvements related to WCAG
  • Fixed items floating for vertical orientation
  • Fixed the problem when clicking on the link with hash not scroll to the section on page

The blog post's content comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-MegaMenu 4.1 update: improved menu customization, new "clean" theme, and more new options

Active subscribers of the Joomla-Monster template, which uses DJ-MegaMenu can download the latest version of the menu extension.

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