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DJ-MediaTools 2.16.5 update brings few improvements and bug fixes

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The Joomla and gallery slideshow version 2.16.5 offers some changes. Let's check them.

New features

The icon linking to the edit slide view

It's a handy new feature introduced in this release. Each DJ-MediaTools slide in the album view in the site's backend now contains a "pencil" icon, which links directly to the selected slide edition page (opened in a new window.)

You can use this option to edit every custom item directly from the album view. 

Preset settings

How to customize the layout in DJ-MediaTools?

Slides alphabetical order

We've added the new optional parameter responsible for the alphabetical sorting of album slides.

The new parameter you can find in the "Basic album options." Choose the "Alphabetical" option from the list, and all your slides from the selected album will be displayed alphabetically.

Sort alphabetical

Readmore position in the customize layout tab

We've added the "Read more position" option for the album customization. You can easily set the read more button position, choosing from left/right/center.

read more button right djmt

read more mt album update

Font-weight in album customization

The album customization tab contains three new fields related to font-weight. DJ-MediaTools users can define the font-weight value for the title, description, and the read more button.      

weight field customization tab update

Check the property values that you can use for highlighted fields:

font weight values table update

Bug fixes

The latest DJ-MediaTools update also brings some other changes:

  • Fixed problem with automatic rotation of the images from Exif info
  • Fixed lazy loading of SVG in W3C validator
  • Fixed problem with uploading image when an extension is uppercase (e.g., JPEG)
  • Fixed problem with routing when an album is on home page
  • Fixed description positioning problem in some layouts 

The blog post's content comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-MediaTools updated with some improvements and bug fixes.

Active subscribers of the Joomla-Monster template, which uses DJ-MediaTools, can download the latest version of the Joomla slideshow extension.

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