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DJ-ImageSlider - the most popular free image mootools slideshow

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Have you ever looked for free slideshow for Joomla 2.5 /1.5 ?
You will find many results at Joomla Extensions site but DJ-ImageSlider is the most popular one, with over 110 votes and 90 reviews, the final rating is 4.73!

slider mlThere are 2 ways to use DJ-ImageSlider module:

  1. it can work stanalone, displaying images from the specified folder
  2. it can work with DJ-ImageSlider joomla component displaying slides previously created in the component

The second way is more interesting since you can:
  • create many categories for your slidesto segregate them
  • link slides to your menu item, article or any external URL
  • choose any VirtueMart product as a link
  • upload images very easily
  • add slide description
Then, after creating slides, have to display them with the module that allows you to:
  • choose slider's type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
  • choose the global options for title, description, read more
  • set image dimentions
  • set amount of visible images at once
  • set parameters that relates to image/slides view
  • set autoplay options
  • set slide effect
  • set parameters that relate to description view
  • and many more!

 Many our templates use this great extension, see few views of the slider: