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DJ-Classifieds extension with a new Joomla 4.x quickstart package based on the new demo site

Good news! It's the premiere of a new quickstart package for DJ-Classifieds, based on a new demo installation for Joomla 4.x. We know that many users have been waiting for this moment ;)

The DJ-Classifieds quickstart package is the easiest way to create functional classified ads Joomla 4.x website.

Along with the DJ-Classifieds Regular plan (or the Unlimited plan), extension users get access to all apps and quickstart packages. 

Installing the Joomla 4.x quickstart package you can quickly achieve the same effect that you can see in our new Joomla 4.x demo site!

What is DJ-Classifieds?

DJ-Classifieds is a complete Joomla classified ads solution / Classifieds script, including all you need to build successful classified ads or listing pages.

It's also one of the most advanced and easy-to-use classifieds extensions for Joomla, offering so many options out of the box.

New demo website for Joomla 4.x

The new demo we build utilizes DJ-Classifieds core component (modules and plugins). We use it to show random adverts on the front page and related adverts on advert pages.

The demo is a ready solution implemented in the latest Quickstart package, ready to install and adjust to your needs!

The Frontpage

Essential parts on the demo front page contain:

  • the search with autocomplete feature turned on,
  • the categories list
  • tabs with Latest, Popular, and Random adverts,
    the map (we used OpenStreetMaps, but it could also be Google Maps),
  • Links to the adverts by location

Listing page

The Ads listing page displays the adverts with the smart table layout (it's also possible to use RWD table or the Blog layout).

As you can see, on the left sidebar, there is the search and filter module for easy filtering. 

Advert details page

The detailed advert page displays all the needed information for a successful advert, including the description, custom fields, location and more.

Profile details

Each advertiser has his profile page with the details. As any part of DJ-Classifieds, you can deeply customize the fields displayed here and what should be filled by the advertiser.

The profile's details page contains:

  • profile name
  • a description
  • custom fields (in case of this demo, there are contact details). Unfilled fields are not displayed, so it's up to the user to fill them or not. The administrator can set the fields as required if he wants to force users to fill specific fields.
  • location of the advertiser with the map

What is the quickstart package?

It's a 1:1 exact copy of the demo site with all categories and demo products populated. Once installed, you'll get a 1:1 copy of the DJ-Classifieds Joomla 4.x demo setup.

All active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds regular plan with Quickstarts included can download the latest package from the download section. 

How to get a Quickstart pack?

You can get the Quickstart pack with the:

More information