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DJ-Classifieds 3.7.9 update with many new features, bug fixes and improvements

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The latest version of DJ-Classifieds, Joomla classified ads extension brings many new features, fixes, and improvements.

Let's see the most important new features

User group access for durations

We have extended the duration options. You can set access to the duration of the chosen user group.

Access durations

Learn more about durations in DJ-Classifieds

Add item default category

Now you can easily create multiple menu items linking to the ads submission forms with the predefined category.

We've added the new parameter "Default category" to the "Add item" menu settings. You can define it in the "Params tab" and set the default category for the item.

params tab menu item

Image uploader tmp path parameter

We've updated the "uploader configuration" settings. You can define the server path for storing images temporarily, instead of using the default path only.

 uploader configuration

Copy default ordering for custom fields

A new option for custom fields was added. This can be useful when a user adds a lot of custom fields, has a lot of categories, and wants to add another and change its order. Instead of setting it in each category, he can use the new button and apply the order of the fields to all categories automatically.

Automatic ordering fields

See how to order "fields" in DJ-Classifieds

Recently viewed ads for DJ-Classifieds Items module

The "Items module" settings were updated. Now you choose "Recently viewed ads" option for DJ-Classifieds items ordering. This will allow displaying recently viewed ads in the order in which they were viewed (most recent first).

Unlimited ads in the subscription plan

For each of the offered/defined subscription plans, you can display information on the front page on the availability of unlimited plans. Until now, it was only possible to provide a specific number of ads available. The unlimited option must be defined in the backend by adding the "-1" value in the "Adverts in plan" field.

Unlimited ads plan

How Subscription Plans App for DJ-Classifieds works

Menu item filter subs

Now during adding the new Menu item type for subscription plans you can select which subscription plans should be displayed.

menu item sub plans

If you don't see this new param, please reinstall the Subscription Plans plugin.

Geolocation disable button

The "Map & Locations Settings" in DJ-Classifieds options contain a new button: Geolocation. It can be enabled or disabled. You can choose whether you want to use the map's provider API to generate coordinates based on the provider region/address/postcode during the ad's saving.

geolocation DJ-Classifieds

Follow category in Category Tree module

The "Category Tree module" was updated. It contains the new parameter: "Follow category".

You can enable and show subcategories of the category that is currently browsed (works for category page or search results).

follow category

Promotions filtering in payments view

This new feature works for the payments tab in the DJ-Classifieds control panel. You can now additionally filter Advert-type payments by their sub-type (Promotions, Category, Duration).

 types filter DJ-Classifieds

Popup window with login redirect on the Profile page

The feature works on the front page when an unlogged user on the page (guest) clicks the "contact this advertiser" icon. As a result, a popup window appears informing that you must log in and displaying "Ok / cancel" options. Selecting "ok" redirects the user to the login page.

The DJ-Classifieds 3.7.9 release brings also the update for DJ-Classifieds Offers App. This App was updated to 3.7.9 version as well. Read more about the update here: Offers App for DJ-Classifieds updated to 3.7.9 version

In addition, we have updated Alta User Points App and Subscription Plans App for DJ-Classifieds. In both cases, the introduced changes bring small fixes.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Classifieds 3.7.9 released with 14 new features, bug fixes and improvements

Active subscribers of the Joomla-Monster template, which uses DJ-Classifieds can download the latest version of the Joomla ads component.

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