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DJ-Classifieds 3.3 stable + our templates updates

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The stable version of DJ-Classifieds extension has been already released!
The updated 3.3 version includes many improvements that were suggested by our customers as well as fixes reported recently.
See changelog here.

Since there are added many new features to the new component version we need to update all our templates that include classifieds themes.

That's why we ask to NOT update the component untill we release updates since css styling problems may occur.

We are going to release all J3 templates updates to the end of January!

Templates for Joomla 2.5 with dj-classifieds extension will be released in February.

Update: We've decided not to update J2.5 templates with the latest DJ-Classifieds.

Do you know how to build a classifieds ads website quickly?

NOTE-1: All active dj-classifieds subscribes may update the classifieds component at the Joomla backend on a test domain.

  1. Do backup of your site.
  2. Install it on subdomain.
  3. Release the license of your domain and assign it to the test domain to update the component.
  4. After testing simply release your testing domain from the license and submit the live domain again.

NOTE-2: Already updated your live site and css styling problems occured? Do not worry. You may downgrade the component. Simply download the 3.2.2 version from download area on and install it in the standard way.