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DJ-Classifieds 3.10 update brings a huge number of new features

The long-awaited release of the new version of DJ-Classifieds is now here. It was worth waiting, because the changes are really huge. 

Many of the new features were already announced in the blog post published in May: [SNEAK PEEK] DJ-Classifieds 3.10 with a huge number of new features

DJ-Classifieds 3.10 is the version that introduces new features, improvements but also bug fixes. The changes concern not only the component itself, but also included modules, plug-ins and apps.

What's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.10?

DJ-Classifieds 3.10 comes with a rich set of new features and options.

Improved Ads posting

  • loading "All categories" custom fields on page load, without selecting category
  • remembering custom fields entered values, to not have to fill them again after category change
  • option to display Captcha at the bottom of the form
  • remembering all entered data, to have the form already filled out in case of return on error/missing captcha

New params related to the Post Ad page include:

  • Allow multiple videos - to allow providing multiple video links in textarea
  • Use "Description"
  • "Price" required
  • "Contact" required
  • "Regions" required
  • Auctions - default value
  • Buy Now - default value

Additionally, all the core advert fields can now be overridden by creating a custom field with the corresponding name (it was working before only for the “contact” and “price” fields).

Improved User Items page

  • Delete/Archive/Block/Activate actions on multiple items
  • Filter select, to quickly display only items that are active, inactive, expired, archived, etc.
  • 'Displayed/Hits' ordering column
  • Separate 'Default ordering'/'Default ordering direction' global config params

New icons and default theme’s improvements

All the built-in component’s icons have been changed to svg versions and redesigned to look always sharp on modern displays.

Additionally, the component’s “default” theme got updated, fixing some of the layout problems found since the last version’s release.

Note: If you’re using a custom theme, you will need to update your .css files to use the new .svg icons instead of the old .png ones.

Changes related to the Registration/Profile edit pages

  • Core fields' params for choosing which user fields to display
  • improved password fields with "Show password" button
  • improved validation
  • storing all submitted data in case of error/missing captcha

Automatic Auctions (with extra tweaks)

  • 'Auctions assist' new parameter, to let the system do the bidding automatically, basing on users' submitted max bid value and auction's 'Min bid increase' value
  • 'Auctions time auto extend' new parameter, to extend the auction time automatically for Y seconds, if a user posts bid in the last X seconds of the auction's duration
  • Automatic, ajax-driven, item's bids list and price reload, to see all the posted bids without a need of reloading the page
  • Popup confirmations for author’s bids deleting

New field params

  • 'Show in modal', to show checkbox fields in separate popups
  • 'Show assigned values only', to show in search module only field's values that are assigned to active items
  • 'Linked value', to display field's value as links to a page listing all the items with the clicked value
  • 'Email CC/BCC', to send 'Ask form' emails additionally to the given address (with an option to hide it in the form)
  • 'Char limit', to limit the number of characters of text field, with a counter shown in the field's label
  • 'Sortable on all categories', to show the field sorting option only on categories to which the field is assigned (if parameter disabled)
  • 'Label extra info', to display additional info text under field's form labels
  • 'Text for the empty field', to override of the default text displayed if there is no value provided for the field (if 'Show empty fields' global param enabled)
  • 'Values as language constants', to override the global 'Custom fields values as language constants' param
  • 'Show empty field', to override the global 'Show empty fields' param
  • 'Search ordering', to set an optional, priority ordering used in Search modules only
  • and many more

New Ask form/Contact params

  • 'Ask form in', to choose where to display the contact form
  • 'Ask form for user groups', to restrict advertisers contact option to users per user groups
  • 'Contact only for user groups', to restrict showing contact details to users per user groups
  • 'No contact access page', to choose a page to redirect for users with no Ask form/Contact access

New redirect params

You can choose where to redirect after registration, profile edit or posting advert (with an option to override it in chosen menu items)

New Plans params

  • '[No duration - adverts expire when plan expires]' option in the 'Duration' plan’s param, to bind the adverts’ expiration date with the subscription’s expiration date
  • 'Plan expiration', to override the default behavior of treating a plan as expired
  • 'One-time plan', to allow purchasing a plan only once per each user
  • 'Remove from groups', to remove user from specific user groups after buying a plan
  • 'Hidden promotions', to force hiding the selected promotions when adding adverts using a plan (even when the 'Paid promotions' plugin's parameter is enabled)
  • 'Allowed categories', to choose categories available during ad's posting

New Search module params

  • 'Always include adult ads'
  • 'Follow type'
  • 'Hide empty types'
  • 'Hide empty locations'
  • 'Custom fields loading gif'

New Items module params

  • 'Autoslide (ms)'
  • 'Follow type'
  • 'Sort direction'
  • 'Only from verified users'

New User Avatar module params

  • 'Linked photo page'
  • 'Thumbnail type'

The User Avatar module is now included in the All-In-One package (gets installed with the component).

Other new params

  • 'Autopublish user groups', to override the 'Autopublish' parameter for selected user groups
  • 'Prom. "Move to top" user group prices', to override default "Move to top" price per user groups
  • 'Expired ads auto-archive', to automatically archive expired items after set number of days
  • 'Registration/Last visit time', to show user's Registration and/or Last visit time in the Profile page
  • 'Use ""', to embed YouTube videos using '' domain (to enable privacy-enhanced mode)
  • 'Map marker icon', to upload map marker’s image (with corresponding override param in Category edit page)
  • 'Show user email', to show in Profile page core Joomla user email provided during registration
  • 'Advert details', to hide specific advert details in Item page
  • 'Category desc. in category page', to show a category description in the category's adverts list
  • 'Category desc. position', to choose position of a category description in the category's adverts list
  • 'Meta robots for profile', to set content of meta robots tag for profile page
  • 'Meta robots for profiles list', to set content of meta robots tag for profiles list page
  • 'Profile field group' in Profiles menu item, to show only profiles from the selected profile field group in the chosen profiles list page
  • 'Promotions' params tab in Items menu item, to show hide/show adverts with specific promotions in the chosen adverts list page
  • 'Disabled emails' in admin Profile page, to disable some of the email templates for the specific user
  • and more

Most of the Global/Views parameters can now be overridden in the specific View’s menu item. This gives very powerful possibilities in terms of setting various areas of the site differently (also for e.g. users with different access levels)

New email tags

  • [[advert_image]]
  • [[advert_region]]
  • [[advert_region]]
  • [[advert_city]]
  • [[advert_image]]
  • [[advert_address]]
  • [[items_url]]
  • [[site_url]]

Admin Stats module - CSV export option

The Admin Stats module is now included in the All-In-One package (gets installed with the component).

To publish it in the admin DJ-Classifieds Control Panel page, use the admin “djcf-cpanel” module position.

Other changes

  • emoji in item’s description support
  • 'Default value - profile field' with Joomla user fields support
  • 'No category or region' in the ‘Advert URL structure' param
  • 'Yes, if author is a registered user' in the Item’s 'Show author' param
  • option to show map in Item or Profile page only
  • new Media fields for uploading images (for 'Watermark', 'Default image', 'Default profile image' and 'Map marker icon' params)
  • guest edit/delete support in Item page
  • items module 'Advert author's last visit date' sort option
  • page number in meta title/desc tags in items list
  • showing region heading in list view
  • region breadcrumbs in items page
  • admin new field's source autoset based on fields filter
  • ask/abuse form login popup changed to layout slide
  • registration plugin included in the AIO pkg
  • field group 'Group assignment' multiple groups support
  • profiles 'User group' param with multiple groups support
  • item delete confirmation in a new modal
  • displaying 'Move to top' payments in user items view
  • duration auto-select if only one available
  • 'Bids' page option in the 'Use small/medium/big image in' params
  • date custom field 'AGE' format support
  • ask/abuse/offer form buttons disabled for author
  • admin item edit 'Archived' status option
  • 'Show archived' param support in maps module
  • 'archived' icon display in items module
  • displaying ask form messages in admin Item/Profile pages
  • verified/auction/archived icons in maps module
  • admin duration ug/cat restriction 'Disallow' options
  • multiple user groups support in admin plan's 'Assign to group' param
  • admin items 'Unpaid' badge display
  • admin items 'Type' filter
  • admin categories/regions batch move to root category/region option
  • admin items 'added/renewed from plans' info display
  • admin email templates title column display
  • admin user plan edit params display
  • admin item edit 'Sorting date' field display
  • more new features, fixes & improvements

Note: As some of the views/layouts have changed in the 3.10 release, it’s recommended to first test the update on the site’s copy, making sure all is looking fine on your template and/or component’s custom theme.

Other updates

Along with the component and modules, the following additional DJ-Classifieds plugins also got updates:

  • Subscription Plans
  • Conditional Fields
  • Ajax
  • MultiCategories
  • Offers
  • Search Alerts
  • Files Attachments
  • Shipping
  • Coupons
  • Ghost Ads
  • Subscription Plans User
  • PayPal Plus (payment)
  • Fondy (payment)
  • Portmone (payment)
  • J!MailAlerts (integration)
  • OSMap/Xmap (integration)

Note: Some of the previous versions of the above plugins might not work correctly with the 3.10 component’s version. It’s important to update them to the latest versions as well.

More information

The blog post content comes from DJ-Extensions website:

[UPDATE] DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.10 with brand new features is finally here!