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DJ-Accessibility plugin for Joomla and WordPress

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We've updated the DJ-Accessibility Joomla and WordPress plugin that helps to provide accessibility compliance with WCAG and ADA standards.  

The plugin has already been available, but the previous version was dedicated only to the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. The latest version comes with improved functionality as it works with Joomla 4 and WordPress as a standalone plugin and still with YOOtheme Pro as the integrated solution.

DJ-Accessibility plugin active subscribers can download the latest version directly from the download section.

Get DJ-Accessibility for €35 only.

The DJ-Accessibility plugin  

Boost your Joomla or WordPress-based website accessibility with many easy-to-use features and make your website user-friendly for all. Accessibility is a key for all websites, and our plugin has you covered! You can display accessibility options in a pop-up panel or a modern and transparent toolbar on your web page.

  • Accessibility options in a pop-up panel:

Accessibility options pop-up

  • Accessibility options in a toolbar:

Options in a toolbar 

Main Plugin Features

Screen reader

A screen reader is one of the essential parts of the web accessibility equation. Screen readers can read text aloud to those with visual impairments, and they can help them navigate a page.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation is critical for navigating and interacting with web content without a mouse or touchpad. It includes tabbing between form fields and other interactive elements. DJ-Accessibility options panel can be easily reached with a keyboard.

High contrast, font size, and more

DJ-Accessibility makes your website more accessible for everybody by providing high contrast, font size, screen reader, highlight links, high saturation options, and much more!

Check the DJ-Accessibility Demo site.


You can get DJ-Accessibility in three different pricing plans:

Learn more about DJ-Accessibility

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: Meet the DJ-Accessibility plugin for Joomla and WordPress  

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