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Meet MyPlace - real estate classifieds Joomla template.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

Meet the new relaese, MyPlaces, which is another classified ads Joomla template based on DJ-Classifieds extension. When we are working on new releases, we take into account our customers’ preferences and the best solutions.

For this Joomla template, we used inspiration from powerful real estate portals, and that’s why we need to implement the DJ-Classifieds component, which provides a wide range of features needed to run a modern classifieds web page.

If you are looking for a Joomla template for your real estate website, you’ll find our website template very interesting.

Who is this template for?

This advanced real estate Joomla template is a ready solution for such categories as real estate, developments, residentials, and rental properties.

This property Joomla template may suit every site connected with the real estate business.
It can be a small, even local real estate agency, where you will only need to add ads from the back office. It will also work great when real estate is added by agents and website users (after the administrator's approval).

There are no restrictions, so if the site is to operate on a different basis, it is also possible, primarily due to the use of the DJ-Classifieds component, which allows you to launch any page with ads.

Flexible options of DJ-Classifieds

DJ-Classifieds extension implemented here comes with classified listing tools that will make the process of building and managing ads comfortable to proceed.
The component is very flexible and powerful. It offers an abundant number of features designed to help you build a functional website.
There are many configuration options, and everything depends on you! The proposed configuration on the template demo page is just our idea, and it depends on you how you use it!

Most, essential DJ-Classifieds features are:

  • Categories - The admin can create an unlimited number of categories. Each category can have images. An unlimited number of ads can be assigned to a chosen category.
  • Extended search - The search filter allows users to show results based on different criteria (category, keyword, location, custom fields, and more).
  • Custom fields - the admin can create parameters that will be taken into account when the user will be searching for ads. Custom fields can be assigned to a chosen category.
  • Auctions - Items can be sold via auctions. Each auction can include a minimum price and the minimum / maximum price increase.
  • Durations - the admin can charge for the publication of an ad for a specified period.
  • Locations - you can define locations by entering any location structure or importing it from a file. All locations are displayed on the google map.  

Discover DJ-Classifieds extension

Apps for DJ-Classifieds

DJ-Classifieds extension is packed with a huge number of features but there is also a set of premium apps that work with the component and extend its functionalities. Using premium apps gives a wide range of possibilities. You can buy each app separately or get them in different bundles. There is also an option to purchase them all for a better price.

Here is the list of few apps along with the short description of what they do:

  • Subscription Plans App - allows creating unlimited plans for users.
  • AJAX App - allows users to filter the search without site reloading.
  • Multi Categories App - allows users to add one advert to an unlimited number of additional categories.
  • Attachments App - allows users to add attachments to an advert.
  • Internal Messaging - allows website users to communicate without using emails.
  • Coupons App - allows creating an unlimited amount of coupons and share them.
  • Invoices App - allows generating invoices for payments made in DJ-Classifieds by its users.

Discover DJ-Classifieds Apps

Earn money on your website

You can earn on your site using DJ-Classifieds. There are quite a few proven ways to earn on the classifieds website.
The administrator of the website with offers has a lot of possibilities when it comes to setting fees. May require payment for ads in specific categories, duration of the ads, promotions, "move to top" function, additional pictures in the ad, exceeding the number of characters in the description. It can also set and sell point packages at which users will pay for ads and other actions and goals on the site (e.g., renewing ads).

Learn more here: 9 tips for making money on classifieds website

Possibility of extending the functionality according to customer requirements

If the Joomla template offered options are not enough for you, would like to change or improve something, we can help you.
We are providing custom programming services for Joomla. We offer custom services, starting from simple modifications to advanced solutions. We can modify any Joomla extensions to suit your website idea, fix bugs, errors, or other issues, or make a small modification for your Joomla template and make extra work if you need any additional services related to Joomla.

Joomla services


Thank you for reading. MyPlace template brings not only a beautiful design, it is a fully-featured solution for a real estate website. As you can see, DJ-Classifieds gives many options to choose from, allowing to launch a best-classified ads portal. Don't hesitate and choose this real estate Joomla template for your next project - professional support and excellent website are guaranteed.

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