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We are pleased to present the first Joomla events template in our offer, which is intended for companies that organize various types of events, such as concerts, business conferences, training, social meetings or sports events. If you are looking for Joomla templates for event management website, you may find our template very interesting.

This Joomla events template has a number of additional modules and elements that will help you create a website appropriate to your needs. Let's take a closer look at the features of the template.

event website template



Joomla events calendar

This Joomla event template uses the DJ-Events free event calendar extension for Joomla, which is responsible for the functionality related to Joomla event management. It is a free and relatively new extension with many interesting features and huge potential to be the number one in Joomla events extensions. Choose this free Joomla templates event management system that will be perfect for everyone who is looking for a complex solution to create a simple event website.

Calendar views

With DJ-Events which is a Joomla events component, you can display all events using the two available views: Events Listing View or Events Listing by Week View. What is the difference between them? The Events Listing View allows displaying the upcoming events one after another with a standard pagination on the bottom of the page. While the Events Listing by Week View allows displaying events by week and the standard pagination is replaced with the next and previous week buttons. Let's take a closer look at both views:


Joomla events calendar


  1. Switcher between the listing views
  2. Promoted events are displayed on the top of the list
  3. Standard events are displayed below the promoted ones
  4. Clickable links to display all events from the same location or category


joomla events component


  1. Currently browsed week
  2. Switcher between weeks
  3. Events are displayed day by day from the currently browsed week

From the events listing view, you can directly go to the event details by clicking the event title or the “events details” button. Let’s take a closer look at the events details view:


joomla templates for event management website


  1. Event location on the map
  2. Event category
  3. Images and videos related to the event can be opened in a lightbox
  4. Ticket prices for the event
  5. External URL to the event website
  6. The exact address where the event will take place
  7. Clickable tags to show all events with the same tag

Useful modules related to event Joomla component

The DJ-Events comes with few useful Joomla modules.

Search events module

free joomla templates event management


The Joomla extension events search allows displaying a text input, category filter, city filter and date filter. The module can be displayed in the horizontal or vertical layout. You can use any module position in the template to display the module. For example, it can be published in the header section as on our demo site or in the left or right column next to the Events List view. It all depends on your needs.

Joomla event calendar module

The Joomla extension events calendar allows displaying a calendar of upcoming events. You can choose from the two available layouts: month and scroll. The first one displays a month calendar with selected days when events are taking place:


joomla event calendar


The second one displays the days as slider cards:


joomla event calendar


For both layouts, when a visitor hovers over the date, then a tooltip is displayed with a list of events on this particular day.

Events tags module


JM Events


The Joomla extension events tags is a module that displays a list of tags related to the events. When a user clicks on a given tag, then all events related to the tag will be displayed in the Events Listing View.

Allow submitting events for registered users

The DJ-Events extension allows also Joomla event registration from the front-end. It may be very useful if you want to allow your team members to add new events without the need to log in to the Joomla backend. Another interesting idea could be to create a portal about events where every visitor would have the opportunity to add new events.


free joomla templates event management


  1. Event details like title, category, price description and tags
  2. Details when the event takes place. It is possible to repeat the event weekly, monthly or yearly
  3. Media about the event. Images and videos are allowed
  4. The exact address where the event takes place along with the location on the map

Display company services Joomla module

Using the JM Additional Services module, you can display your company services. The module allows showing services as boxes in columns. There are no limits, you can display as many services as you need. Each box consists of a title, short description, button and image or icon. Under the boxes, you can display an additional button which can be linked to a separate page about your services.


Display company services Joomla module


Joomla gallery module to display completed events

To present other projects of your company on this Joomla event template, you can use the DJ-ImageSlider module. It allows displaying custom slides linked to other pages. The module has many interesting features, for example, you can choose between vertical, horizontal and fade slider types. Each slide consists of a title, short description, and button. In our example, we have set the module to show slides linked to the articles. Thanks to the “slider2-ms” module suffix, you can add an animated effect to the slide description when hovering over the slide.


Joomla gallery module to display completed events


Team members simple Joomla module

Using the JM Team Profiles module, you can display your team members in an attractive way. It is a simple module that allows showing some basic information about you and your employees such as an image, name, profession, short description and links to social profiles that appear when hovering over the member image.


Team members simple Joomla module


Pricing Joomla module

Another interesting module is JM Pricing Tables. With this module, you can display the available pricing packages or plans for the organization of events by your company. All visible content in the pricing tables can be easily changed in the module settings. It is possible to display the pricing tables wherever you want including the homepage.


Pricing Joomla module


Testimonials Joomla module

Do you have many satisfied customers? Show the most valuable reviews about your company on your website using the JM Testimonials module. With this module, you can display the testimonial content along with the name of the testimonial author, his/her avatar and subtitle or profession.


Testimonials Joomla module


Quick contact Joomla module

The "Contact us" section is displayed using the DJ-EasyContact module. It is a simple contact form module for Joomla which you can use to allow visitors to contact your company quickly about the offer. The module can be published on any section of the template. You can also use it to create a separate contact page.


Quick contact Joomla module


Social links of your company

Using the JM Social Icons module you can display links to the social profiles of your company. The module allows displaying a link with image or icon to any social page. On our demo site, the social icons are displayed in a section with a green background. You can change that background color in the template parameters.


 JM Social Icons module

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