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JM Sport - check what's interesting.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

A sound mind in a sound body - express sport emotion using our latest JM-Sport template!

This template is designed for all activities related to sports. It is not intended only for football or running website. It can do much more!

  • it can be used for presentation of a sport team
  • perfect base to build a site about the sports news
  • fully adapted to create a website about ranking of sports competitions
  • it will be great for a blog about healthy lifestyles
  • excellent for a blog about dieting and training

If you are interested about sport, this template is just for you!


Your team has a different club colors than those shown on the demosite? No problem!

We realize how important are the colors of the sports club. We understand your needs. You can change colors easily using Theme Customizer.

Click here:


JM Sport


and see what you can change!


JM Sport


If you are overwhelmed by the amount of modules on the front site - don't worry! You can disable what you want and leave the most important information.

If you’ve got a small sport club and you don’t need some modules, simply unpublish it in the backend! Or maybe you’ve got a huge sports club and you need more modules? No problem! Everything is dynamic, you can change the quantity, value and position of content.


A picture is worth a thousand words - images from matches, inspiration for a healthy lifestyle, sport training guide and much more - do it with DJ-MediaTools.

A photo gallery can be useful on every website. We offer you something more - DJ-Mediatools is a fully functional component in which you can create albums from various sources, and then display it as a view or module.


JM Sport


You can customize this module in many different ways. You can determine the dimensions of pictures, set limit of displayed items, show/ hide title, readmore, description, pagination, autoplay module and much more!


A lot of content and a little of space? Explore possibilities of DJ-Tabs and include all in tabs or accordion view!

DJ-Tabs is another extension from DJ-Extensions team. It is designed to display content as tabs and accordion. What content? Every possible :) You can source articles, videos and module position, which gives endless possibilities.


JM Sport


This template contains everything you need - just look at how many possibilities we've prepared for you.

1. Counter

Do you count down to an important event - for example, the match? Show it on your website!


JM Sport


2. Pricing

Do you want to show the price of any products or services? Do it with our pricing view!


JM Sport


3. Our team

By using DJ-Tabs, you can present the whole team.


JM Sport


4. Match table

This, what most interested fans - the game! When, where, at what time? Here you can find information.


JM Sport


5. Game table

Here you can describe ranks, compare teams and increase or decrease of achievements.


JM Sport