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9 tips for making money on classifieds website

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Is there any man who hasn't thought about earning big money? 

You do not have to be a slave to your current job.
Earn additional money online on your successful classifieds website.
All you need to start quickly is ready to use classifieds website template with a complex classifieds software called DJ-Classifieds.


Many customers are DJ-Classifieds software lovers!

No matter if you are young or older, everyone may benefit from running a successful classifieds website.

It's not only about the complete classifieds script solution for running classifieds website but
also getting a ready to use classifieds website templates (it lets you start working on your website immediately with an example of demo content) and
fantastic and best support ever - just in case you have any technical questions. Simply ask and we will be happy to assist you.

DJ-Classifieds classifieds software for Joomla CMS is a highly rated Joomla classifieds component,
overall rating based on 98 JED votes by real customers (only real customers may vote here)!

One of the best testimonials is
 "The best possible advertising component on market.
DJ Classifieds advertising with the creator thought of everything. Compared to other's advertising is a Rolls Royce."


Ready to use classified ads software is a complete solution to create a successful classifieds website.
Prices are about $190 and sold only on our website.

This is the advanced and easy to use classifieds software for Joomla CMS offering so many options out of the box.
You can charge users for different actions performed on the site, customize look and feel, provide advanced user profiles, notifications, filters and many more.
There are no limits when creating your classified ads or listing page.